The „OnRiver Premium Cruiser” Programme is valid on all ships, which are operated by OnRiver Hotels Ltd.

Card Application:

  • „OnRiver Premium Cruiser” card owner can be any native or foreign natural person, who:

o doesn’t have frequent guest card
o completely fills out the Application Form

  • Joining the Programme and receiving the card is free of charge. OnRiver Hotels Ltd. will not charge either at the time of application, either later.

Card acceptance:

  • „OnRiver Premium Cruiser” Card can be received at the reception of the hotels.
  • There will be the unique numbered „OnRiver Premium Cruiser” Card, Terms & Conditions and a welcome letter in the closed envelope.
  • After acceptance please sign the card. Without signature we cannot regard the card as valid.

Using the card:

  • To validate the discounts and preferences the room reservation must be made through our „Frequent Guest” interface or by phone (details are presented at the back side of the card).
  • The number of the card must be noticed at the time of the reservation and the original card must be presented at the time of check in. Otherwise we are not able to guarantee the discounts and preferences.

Membership levels:

Our Programme has 2 different membership levels, which are:

  • „Sailor” level (unique numbered black colored card. On the front side with the golden logo of OnRiver Hotels Ltd). Valid level at the time of application.
  • „Admiral” level. If you reach a minimum number of 10 stays in 2 calendar years your membership status will be upgraded.

The totalization of the stays will take time at the end of every calendar year. In case you reached the minimum amount of stays to be upgraded, we will contact you by email, and your new card will be available at the reception at the time of your next check in.

Losing or stealing the Card:

  • In case of losing or stealing the card please inform us in written form (OnRiver Hotels – MS Cézanne – H-1027 Budapest, Angelo Rotta rkp., email:
  • The procedure of replacing or changing the card is the same as the application, but it will cost 3 000 HUF. In case the card will be replaced the new card number will be entered in our system, and we will delete the old. The valid discounts will be transferred to your new account.
  • OnRiver Hotels Ltd. takes no responsibility for the inconveniences caused by the damage, steal, and perish of the card.
  • Members of „OnRiver Premium Cruiser” Programme will accept and observe the Terms and Conditions.

Data Management:

The method of using and storing your personal information provided at the time of the application is possessed by the hotel’s Privacy Statement. Get your free copy at the reception.

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