We want to look after You onboard during Your stay and one of our main concern is for Your safety and that of the crew.

Staff are there to make Your stay as pleasant as possible and for Your protection as well, so please pay attention to their instructions which are binding by law (EU and Hungarian Orders for Cruise Ship Safety) and other safety informations (ex.: IRPC) given. Observe the received instructions as mandatory, without hesitation.

Life jackets and thermal protective aids are provided at the assembly points for use in the extremely unlikely event of an emergency.

Please do not remove them without authorisation as this may jeopardise the safety of others and could lead to prosecution.

Staff have the right to work in a safe enviroment and be treated in a fair and respectful way. We do not tolerate violent or disruptive behaviour, and crew have been trained to deal with such incidents.

Please remember that smoking (including e-cigarettes) is not permitted at any interior space of M/S Cézanne.

Management of OnRiver Hotels – MS Cézanne****

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