MS Cézanne history’s strarted in 1993.

The refinement of the Italian design is reflected in both the breathtaking exterior and interior. Paul Cézanne is considered to be the founder of modern art, as a result of his use of colour and space. His era saw the birth of Art Nouveau.

This trend represented the source of inspiration for MS Cézanne’s construction and this is evident from the décor and furnishings.

The river cruise ship spent its early years sailing along the River Po to romantic Venice. It subsequently spent 16 years cruising along the Seine in France than operated as an event & hotel ship  and navigated on Dutch waters. The river cruise ship sailed along the inland waterways of Europe.

Today, the MS Cézanne is docked on the Danube in Budapest, operated by the Hungarian OnRiver Hotels Kft.

It is a luxury ship with 51 cabins, with the lounge, restaurant and bar located on the same deck.

This is unique. 

ms cezanne
ms cezanne
ms cezanne
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