Our honored „OnRiver Premium Cruiser” members will receive the following discounts onboard ships operated by OnRiver Hotels Ltd.:

  • Special room rates in case of direct reservation (by phone, e-mail or via www.mscezanne.com)
  • Complimentary welcome package in the room.
  • Other seasonal and promotional offers, which will be send by e-mail.
  • For our Frequent Guests, we provide the opportunity to visit the non-guest areas of the ship (e.g.: captain’s booth), with guidance, after appointment.
  • We provide unique room rates for our Members. For room reservation, please use the communication details of the back of the card.

For „Admiral” level guests we provide the followings above as well:

  • Early check in and late check out options (depending on occupancy).
  • Welcome cocktail in our Panorma Lounge
  • Free upgrade for one category higher than booked (depending on occupancy).

"Your Home OnRiver"

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